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According to Rev. Tony Akinyemi, my mentor on natural secrets of longevity,  President/Snr. Pastor of The Shepherds Flock Int’l Church, (TSF) Ikeja-Lagos, a renown Health Coach and seasoned Author, every human being, nay, any child born today, has the genetic potential to live for at least, one hundred and twenty (120) years on earth.

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The Holy Bible also confirms the veracity of this statement of a 120-year potential human life-span in Genesis 6 vs. 3; but goes further to say in Proverbs 19 vs. 3 that “people ruin their lives by their own stupidity”. (The Message Bible). Hmm!

It therefore stands to reason that the type of lifestyle choices we make in our everyday living actually determine to a great extent, whether we would live long or not. Foods that are best for our body systems are fresh fruits and vegetables.

So,  for anyone desiring to live long and remain healthy, he/she must determine to change his/her diet and lifestyle from eating cooked foods all the time and gravitate to ingesting fresh fruits and vegetables.

On this page, I would like to talk about the right types of foods for our body systems; and at this stage, the point can only bear repetition that all human beings are “cellular bodies” moving about. As such, the quality of our diets will, to a very large extent, determine the quality of our cells. And by extension, the quality of our cells will also ultimately determine the quality of our immune system and overall healthy being. Balanced nutrients can only be found from eating raw (or fresh) vegetables and fruits in contrast to cooked foods.

Meanwhile, it has been established by professionals in diet and nutrition that a high percentage of nutrients are destroyed during the process of cooking foods. For instance, during the process of either heating, smoking or pasteurizing (or cooking) our foods:-

  • About 50% of Vitamin B is destroyed;
  • About 96% of Thiamin (B1) is destroyed;
  • About 70-80% of Vitamin C is destroyed; and
  • About 72% of Biotin is lost;

According to a further research work done at the Max Plank Institute for Nutritional Research in Germany, cooking foods alters protein into substances which disrupt cellular function and speeds up the ageing and disease process. In the process, cooking also coagulates the bio-active mineral/protein complexes and therefore disrupts mineral absorption.

In particular, cooking foods disrupts the RNA and DNA structures, including most of the nutritive value of fats while creating carcinogenic and mutagen structures in fats to produce free radicals.

Likewise, in line with the findings of Hippocrates’ Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, cooking of foods:–

  • Reduces vitamins and oxygen needed for the body;
  • Promotes acid accumulation in the body,
  • Interferes with thorough digestion in the body;
  • Weakens the immune system and the bio-active electrical charge of the body’s tissues and cells;
  • Weakens the power of naturally occurring antioxidants; and
  • Is greatly responsible for the toxic dump sites that we have in our bodies.

As a corollary, living (fresh) foods clean up these toxic dump sites and the clogged systems, restoring good health and vitality to all our body cells to give us personal control over our health and longevity.

Fresh fruits are body cleansers while fresh vegetables are body nourishers. These contain health-giving rejuvenating enzymes. According to professional medical practitioners and nutritionists, when a cell becomes damaged or undergoes some type of infection, it will self-destruct by a process called apoptosis.

Apoptosis works to ensure proper development and to keep the body’s natural process of mitosis in check. A cell’s inability to undergo apoptosis can result in the development of CANCER – a much dreaded disease!! For your cell to be able to undergo apoptosis, you need to focus on eating raw vegetables and fruits often.

This immediately brings us to the next major issue: what best to eat.


  1. Restrict your daily breakfast to eating water-soluble foods – i.e. juices of fresh fruits and raw vegetables only and eat this before 12′Noon everyday of your life. You can even make smoothies of fruits and vegetables together. You can purchase a Smoothie Maker or a good Blender for this purpose here: Some of the favorite results of smoothies include: blending freshly extracted coconut milk, freshly extracted carrot juice, avocado, banana, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, etc. together. For vegetables, you can juice together, spinach, celery, cabbage and a good Omega-3 Oil. Another alternative to smoothies is to buy and mix BarleyMax with BeetMax and CarrotJuiceMax together in water and drink. As a matter of fact, there is a new product called “TrioMax” made by Hallelujah Acres. They provide you with an instant drink of already made mixture of the 3 Maxes together.
  2. Ensure you juice your vegetables and fruits with appropriate juice extractors when preparing them. (There is a variety of good Juice Extractors out there).                                                                   You can see the list of a few here: Greenstar series of Juicers, e.g.:- Greenstar Elite, Greenstar-1000, Greenstar-2000, Greenstar-3000, the Solostar-II, Champion-2000. In terms of specific types of juicers, there are three (3) mainly – i.e.
    • Centrifugal Juicers,
    • Masticating Juicers and
    • Triturating/Hydraulic Juicers respectively.
    • Each of these is good; but one type has some major advantages over the other. Indeed, you can choose the best type of juicer for yourself from these many other different brands out there, depending on your need and financial capacity.
  3. Eat your main meal of the day (i.e. solid foods) between the hours of 12 Noon and 8pm. This is the most active period of the day when physical movements are common (and so, more energy is burnt); which concurrently affords the main meals eaten to travel round the internal digestive systems properly to eliminate wastes and retain enzymes. Whole wheat meals and brown rice are best grains for you to feed on. And if you must cook these to eat, then, use pressure cookers to cook so that you can still get most nutrients and enzymes retained.
  4. For your own personal health benefits, please, try as much as possible to avoid eating too late into the nights. Neither should you eat too heavy foods during this period, too. If at all you feel the urge to eat during this time, try to restrict yourself to fresh fruits and vegetables – water soluble meals. The plain truth is that: the later we eat and the more we eat at nights, the more lethargic and muddle-headed we become on waking up the next morning.
  5. Drink clean, purified water sufficiently during your active days. And learn to drink it about 30 minutes before your meal or after your meal. Avoid drinking water during your meals. You can get your water to be purified by using WaterWise water purifiers. There are varieties of them out there like: WaterWise4000, WaterWise9000, WaterWise8800, etc.

If you are on a very low budget and cannot yet afford to buy a water purifier, you can do one of two things, e.g.:–

  • You can settle for juicing watermelon fruit and drink the water. Indeed, the purest water is the liquid juiced out from ripe watermelon fruits. It is said to be about 99% pure water! And it is 100% natural- No Additives!! Drink this often if you are on a low budget; and you will remain healthy always; and/or
  • You can buy some Moringa seeds to purify your water. Crushed Moringa seeds clarify and purify water to suit domestic use and lower the bacterial concentration in the water, making it safe for drinking.

So, in the picture below, I would like you to pay serious attention to foods symbolized by fresh fruits and vegetables, e.g.:–

  1. Specific types of foods (in fresh fruits and vegetables) that are ideal for us to eat for healthy functioning of certain body organs/systems of ours, e.g.:–

Best Fruits & Vegies for Human Body Parts

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