MMS Protocols & Jim Humble

Dear friend,

Foremost, let me share with you that I was privileged to come across the term ‘MMS’ recently during my course of study as a student of the Rapha Healthy Living Institute (RHLI), Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria. Specifically, this was during our Module-2 Course of studies in October, 2015.

And I am pleased to let you know the efficacy of this solution in healing certain diseases. For instance, during that course of study as highlighted above and at the instance of the Principal of the Institute/President & Founder of The Shepherds Flock International Church, Rev. Tony Akinyemi, Health Coach and Author, all RHLI Module-2 Students were then exposed to a practical demonstration and preparation of this unique holistic healing solution. At the end of the day, we all left that course fully convinced that MMS Protocols can actually cure some hitherto assumed ‘incurable diseases’ in human beings if properly mixed together and applied correctly.

The term ‘MMS’ stands for Master Mineral Solution. It is a creativity of Archbishop Jim Humble – founder of ‘Genesis-2’ Church of Health and Healing, South Africa. As at now, and because of its wonderful healing power, some other people refer to the term ‘MMS’ as Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Indeed, MMS is a solution that consists mostly of water with chlorine dioxide as a very weak solution – along with regular table salt and several other trace neutral chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate – none of which is considered poisonous. These trace chemicals are neutralized by the acid that activates the chlorine dioxide.

As such, MMS is an oxidizer that kills the pathogens of many different diseases in the human body (including cancerous growths/spreads). The chemical of MMS has been used to kill pathogens for upwards of one hundred (100) years; and it can also purify water.  MMS kills viruses in a different manner than oxidation. That too is explained. Information is also given on MMS2.

MMS has found many uses by many different people for different health/disease conditions; and is graded into different types of protocols; e.g.:–

  1. MMS Protocol 1000 –
  2. MMS Protocol 1000+
  3. MMS Protocol 2000 –
  4. MMS Protocol 3000 –
  5. MMS Protocol 4000 –
  6. MMS Protocol Autism –

You can get much more information from Archbishop Jim Humble’s free eBook on MMS which you can download here:

You can also get much more detailed information and guides/preparation steps from Archbishop Jim Humble’s series of books listed out here: