Learn About My Works


Dr. Cornelius Adewale is the founder of Farmwella, a sustainable agricultural development company.


Dr. Cornelius Adewale is the inventor of Cornbot, a virtual assistant for smallholder farmers.


Through research, Dr. Cornelius Adewale has made important contributions to the development of organic agriculture.


Major Contributions to Agriculture

Bullitt Environmental Leadership Fellowship

Dr. Cornelius Adewale is the third recipient of the Bullitt Environmental Fellowship award in six years.

Commercialization Gap Fund

Dr. Cornelius Adewale was given a grant for the development of Cornbot, a virtual assistant for African farmers

USAID sponsored Fall Armyworm Tech Prize

This prize sought digital innovations that could help farmers manage the recent spread of fall armyworm. Dr. Cornelius in collaboration with eHealth Africa was a recipient of this prize.

Agronomic Science Foundation Sustainable Research Fellowship

This organization was established to further the role of the agronomic, crop, and soil sciences in global crop production, and to promote human welfare within a sustainable environment. Dr. Cornelius Adewale joined this organization in 2014


Founder of Farmwella

Farmwella is a sustainable development agricultural company designed to empower the next generation of African farmers. Dr. Cornelius is implementing the architecture of what could power the idea of making sustainable agriculture mainstream in Africa.


Coordinator of Agribusiness Masterclass

Agribusiness Masterclass is the pioneer masterclass that teaches art and science of sustainable agriculture in Africa. With a team of Washington State University Soil Science faculty members and collaborators from public and private organizations, online classes and on-farm training have been developed to provide knowledge about sustainable production system.


Inventor of CornBot

Cornbot is a farm management mobile application that guide farmers through the production cycle. It was designed as a virtual assistant for African farmers. This idea was brought by Dr. Cornelius Adewale. With this application, farmers can make better farming choices.


What People Say About Me

After working with so many people and organisations, these are some recoomendations

"Cornelius pursues decision tools and market access for smallholder farmers in Nigeria so as to make impact. He wants to make a difference for millions of people."
Professor Lynne Carpenter-Boggs
Professor, Washington State University
" Dr. Adewale has contributed enormously to the educational development of other students. He has also played a leading role in the development of new courses "
Professor David R. Montgomery
Professor of Geomorphology, University of Washington
"Cornelius is working at the leading edge of research to find ways to produce more food, even as we fight climate change and dramatically reduce the use of pesticides."
Denis Hayes
President, Bullit Foundation
"Dr. Adewale is an expert on research and development of parameters that are critical for agricultural climate change impact estimation"
Kathleen Draper
US Director, Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence